This is us, Daniel & Stephan, the two-men Orteam. After years of friendship, fooleries, nights out, good times and bad ones, we ended up being business partners. In some way it is like a marriage, with Ortea being our newborn child. Kinda scary but fulfilling at the same time. As passionate iced tea enthusiasts, we know what we like and dislike about iced teas on the market. Creating one ourselves that meets our expectations was however a lot more challenging than expected. Despite entering uncharted waters with this project, we are driven by the common goal of making iced teas better.



Role at Ortea: Co-founder, creative mind & product

Why Ortea: It’s a way of combining my passion for foods with the dream of being self-employed

Dream job as a child: Farmer

Skill I wish I had: Singing

Weakness: Patience

Favourite dish: Neapolitan Pizza

This makes my day: Bonfire & friends

How I like my Ortea: Room tempered and straight out of the bottle


Role at Ortea: Co-founder, business mind & sales

Why Ortea: Starting and growing a business with one of my best friends? Say no more

Dream job as a child: Photographer

Skill I wish I had: Playing an instrument

Weakness: Multitasking

Favourite dish: My grandmother’s lasagne

This makes my day: Meeting genuinely kind people

How I like my Ortea: Chilled and served with a few ice cubes